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Scream by Chris Cornell (CD Review)


It’s quite possible, that upon hearing this album, you will have one of three desires.

  1. You will want to stop the album, throw it away, and try to quickly forget whatever auditory abortion you just heard.
  2. You will want to stop the album, and find some type of sharp object, (preferably, parts of the broken CD), and stab yourself in the face, ears, and scrotum (or appropriate appendage).
  3. You will want to stop the album and ridicule a talented musician who missed the mark so badly that you will never forgive him. Continue reading

Review: Ecstacy Tobacco-Free Cigarettes (Reds)



Really? Tobacco free cigarettes? How pointless, right? Wrong. I’ll tell you what is pointless. Pointless is those energy cigarettes I reviewed a while back that make you want to run but you can’t because you’re busy hacking up your lungs. I absolutely hate those stupid things. Anyway, it’s review time!

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The Wrestler (Film Review)


A fantastic film, powered by a moving lead performance by a resurgent Mickey Rourke, is not only a treat for a huge Wrestling Smark like me, but for movie goers everywhere.


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Review: Verve! Energy Supplement


Before we get started, let’s make one thing clear. There is an absolutely huge difference between energy drinks and energy supplements. Energy drinks are made to be delicious beverages with loads of sugar and artificial sweeteners to tickle your taste buds whereas energy supplements are meant to supply you with energy without killing your kidneys in the process.

Verve supplement is from the same people that created the ultra-powerful, award winning antioxidant juice known as Vemma, and contains the same beneficial ingredients plus a few extras to give you an energetic boost. Verve sponsors several major league sport teams and is highly enjoyed and recommended by athletes all over America.

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Review: J&D’s Bacon Salt (Original Flavor)


Everything should taste like bacon. That’s why one of the world’s most ingenious ideas came to fruition in 2007 and is now one of the most sought after spices in America, likely due to our love of eating. That idea, of course, was Bacon Salt. Justin and Dave, both bacon fanatics, concocted a spice so amazing that it has spread across the internet and America like wildfire. They pitched the idea to a few different people while on a business trip and, needless to say, they loved it. Is Bacon Salt really as good as everyone claims it to be? Well, read on to find out.

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Wilco: Live in Bloomington, IN (Review)


wilcoDescribing Alternative/Rock/Kind-of Country-ish band Wilco to someone who has never listened to them can prove to be quite the difficult task, as I found out when my Nickelback listening co-workers replied to me that they had never so much as heard of the fantastic Chicago-based band.  They aren’t exactly a “radio-friendly” band, especially in my area. But, over the last number of years, Wilco has been gaining quite a semi-underground following as a groovy band that produces original and award-winning music.  And on April 16th, 2009, I was given the opportunity to watch this band perform live, and I have to be honest when I say that they put on one of the most enjoyable, well-rounded, and overall BEST shows I have ever been to. Continue reading